Web 2.0 Conference.
 Octover 5-7, 2004, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA.


Web 2.0's workshops are designed to be conversations, not lectures. Each is led by a moderator with expertise in the workshop topic, but no formal presentations will be given. Instead, the workshop will address open questions and explore the latest developments in each of these very Web 2.0 subjects.

Tuesday, October 5

Design for Web 2.0 Business
Jeffrey Veen, UX Manager for Content, Collaboration, and Community, Google, Inc.
Jason Fried, CEO, 37signals
Jason Kottke, kottke.org
Time: 8:45am
Location: Monterey II

Web design and development has come a long way in the past ten years. Early assumptions have been replaced by mature decisions based on tested principles and clear best practices. We're taking what we've learned in those ten years and presenting the workshop attendee -- be you a designer, technologist, or businessperson -- with a collection of practical tips and techniques for designing Web sites, Web applications, APIs, feeds, and everything else that makes up the next-gen Web. So join us for a lively discussion of Web design as it continues to move beyond the browser.

Journalism 2005: A New Era for Newsmakers
Dan Gillmor, Founder and Director, Center for Citizen Media
Time: 8:45am
Location: Carmel I

Newsmakers -- the people and institutions that journalists cover -- are in a new world. They're discovering new vulnerabilities. When anyone can be a journalist, many talented people will try -- and they’ll find things the professionals miss. The people at the edges of the communications and social networks can be a newsmaker’s harshest, most effective critics. But they can also be the most fervent and valuable allies, offering ideas to each other and to the newsmaker as well. But newsmakers also have new ways to get out their message, using the same technologies the grassroots adopts. This workshop explains how journalism is changing, and how newsmakers can adapt.

RSS: Syndication Strategies and Business Models
Dick Costolo, CEO, Feedburner
Jeff Jarvis, President & Creative Director, Advance.net
Time: 8:45am
Location: Monterey I

This workshop will explore a variety of strategies for leveraging the power of syndicated content feeds. As both a vehicle for creating an open line of communication and a possible first step toward the semantic web, RSS has the potential to simplify the world of networked media in a number of ways. Will the emergent power of the blogging community or the needs of commercial publishers and marketers more profoundly affect this technology's future? And are the goals of these two forces mutually exclusive? This workshop will provide an open forum for discussing these and other issues critical to the direction and future of RSS.

Emerging Democracy: Building APIs Into Government
Zack Rosen, Co-Founder and Director, CivicSpace Labs
Time: 10:45am
Location: Monterey I

Our democratic system is still mostly analog. Building API's could go a long way towards opening up and breathing new life into our governmental process. In this workshop we will spec out the most needed and useful interfaces into our government at a local and national level. Then we will talk about how to go about building them. For an example of a well-executed project visit TheyWorkForYou.com

Lightweight Business Models
Marc Canter, CEO, Broadband Mechanics
Jason Fried, CEO, 37signals
Time: 10:45am
Location: Monterey II

This session will cover two key approaches when developing web-based applications:

The first approach takes a user experience design point of view, looking at the underlying strategic advantages of keeping things simple, smaller, faster, lighter, iterative and flexible.

A second approach to building from an open standards point of view – where lots of different developers can all contribute their own modules, functional blocks or components that all work together – in a meshed together decentralized environment.  By establishing open standards surrounding new kinds of micro-content, the same benefits we’ve seen from RSS and aggregators (and the ‘blogosphere) - can be applied to people, events, media, reviews or listings.

Dialing on the App Tone: How the Early Web OS is Shaping Up
Stewart Butterfield, General Manager, Flickr, Yahoo! Inc.
Rich Skrenta, Co-founder and CEO, Topix
Time: 1:15pm
Location: Monterey I

The quick spread and captivating nature of the 'Web OS' meme is testament to our collective ambitions and affection for the early ideals net as a whole. From loosely joining up the small pieces of functionality that online services are making available in the form of open APIs to the kinds of hardware and software systems we'll need to build a 'computer' that everyone can use together, this workshop will focus on the practical questions emerging from developments over the last year and what the near future holds.

Enterprise Social Software
Ross Mayfield, CEO, Social Text
Time: 1:15pm
Location: Monterey II

This workshop will provide an introduction to the best features of "wikis" and "weblogs" and how to bring them inside your enterprise to create a collaboration and knowledge tool that works the way people do. Traditional groupware and knowledge management tools use top-down constraints: pre-defined roles, workflows, and categories. Socialtext takes a bottom-up approach to collaborating and empowers people to develop their own solutions. With Socialtext, people form groups flexibly, and build lightweight structure on the fly, as part of getting their job done -- without needing design or coding skills.

Web Services in Action
Stephanie Tilenius, Vice President & General Manager of Merchant Services, Pay Pal
Matt Ackley, Senior Director, Developers Program, eBay
Time: 1:15pm
Location: Carmel I

The notion of the Web as a Platform is gaining momentum, and the proliferation of Web services is fueling the growth of ecommerce platforms. Today, individuals and businesses of all sizes use Web services to build or expand online businesses by integrating their applications with popular Web sites.  

In this session we’ll examine the use of Web services by eBay and PayPal to enable organizations of all sizes to build successful online businesses.  

After an initial presentation by eBay and PayPal representatives, a panel of third-party developers, led by Will Iverson, author of the new book “Real World Web Services,” will discuss the ways Web services is making it easy and cost-effective for them to build and expand their businesses.

Web Platform as Equity Analyst
Seth Goldstein, CEO, SocialMedia.com
Steve Steinberg, Analyst, Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co.
Time: 2:45pm
Location: Monterey II

In an era where Regulation Fair Disclosure mandates all public companies say the same things to investors at the same time, sophisticated investors (particularly hedge funds) are digging deeper for proprietary insights. And as more business applications and consumer transactions migrate to the Internet, the connections and data points they expose has turned the Web into one of the most profitable spots for them to mine. Join Goldstein and Steinberg for a wide-ranging conversation about the latest tools and techniques for turning web data into investment ideas. Although investors tend to be quite secretive about their own strategies, the most successful ones understand the value of open sourced research and best practices. Goldstein and Steinberg are eager to exchange thoughts on next generation social networks, behavioral databases, ecommerce platforms, and text mining tools that may have unique applications for the investment community.

Publishing 2.0
Christopher J. Alden, Co-Founder & CEO, Rojo Networks, Inc.
Time: 2:45pm
Location: Carmel I

IN this session Alden will introduce Rojo, a next generation RSS aggregator with a twist (or two), and discuss the implications of a publishing world driven by feeds rather than HTML.

Using Search to Connect with Your Customers
David Karnstedt, Senior Vice President of North American Sales, Yahoo! Inc.
Daniel Boberg, Director of Strategic Alliances, Yahoo! Overture
Anne Frisbie, Senior Director, Category Initiatives, Yahoo! Overture
Time: 2:45pm - 4:00pm
Location: Monterey I

Sponsored search has quickly become one of the most effective ways to target your customers online. It’s ability to link businesses with their customers at the very moment they are actively searching for products and services makes it a uniquely valuable tool that offers an attractive mix of message control, targeting and conversion-tracking capabilities.  This session will discuss how sponsored search works, the types of products available in the market today, optimization strategies and pitfalls to avoid when developing your search marketing campaigns.

Please Note: Program content subject to change.

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